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    Index/Match Formula Help

    Trisha Cornwell

      WI have a data set sample below that I need to pull the name associated with WBS1. My data structure is GL Detail (which includes WBS1/2/3) and is linked to the PR Table which has the name structure below for WBS1/2/3. When I drop the "Name" to my tableau report, it is returning the name associated with the lowest WBS in the file. I'd like to create a formula that will pull the name associated with WBS1.


      I feel like I need to add a second connection but if I only link it up on WBS1, the report will return every combination under the WBS1. Any help is appreciated. I don't have a slimmed down workbook but I could create one if that is needed.


      Data Set:

      WBS1WBS2WBS3NamePreferred Calculated Result
      1234.001Trisha's ProjectTrisha's Project
      1234.001101Year 1Trisha's Project
      1234.0011011ConsultingTrisha's Project
      1234.0011012TravelTrisha's Project
      1234.001102Year 2Trisha's Project
      1234.0011021ConsultingTrisha's Project
      1234.0011022TravelTrisha's Project
      4567.001Jamie's ProjectJamie's Project
      4567.001101Year 1Jamie's Project
      4567.0011011ConsultingJamie's Project
      4567.001102Year 2Jamie's Project