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    Map Visualisation

    Sami N



      I would like to visualize information on a single map


      1 Stores like london, glasgow,etc.  and mark this  as a pin ( or any shape but stores shape will be bigger in size) on the map

      2. plot the customers on UK map with a circle shape

      3. colour the customers according to the store


      i have attached the raw data


      Can you please help plot this visualisation .

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          Paul Cawford

          Hi Sameer,


          The easiest way I can think of to do this would be to append the store data to the end e.g. add the stores as additional lines with a type 'Store'.  I've attached your data re-formatted to include the additional lines i.e.


          After that plotting simple using the 'Type' as a shape and using a simple 'Size' variable such as:

               IF [Type] = 'Store' THEN 10 ELSE 1 END


          These numbers can be changed to change the size.  Finally plot the chart as follows:


          I've attached an example workbook.




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            Sami N

            Thanks Paul,


            I really appreciate the quick turn around on this .

            I would also like to add  a query on top of this , the data source in the example is an sql database,

            Is there any way we can work this with blends or joins since  we may not be able to manipulate the data on a larger scale .



            thanks again and voted as best answer .