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    using parameter to create a filter


      I have a column 'Name" that has names of people working on a project. This column could have 1 or more values as >1 person could work on a project. I would like to create a filter which could be used to show projects on which a particular person is working on. Due to constraint that >1 person could work on a project, i couldn't create a filter directly from the column as that filter could also show values like



      Person1, Person2, Person3



      to overcome the problem I created a parameter [team lead name parameter] that has names of different people and created a calculated field using a formulae CONTAINS([Name],[team lead name parameter] ) and then applied filter on that calculated field and selected TRUE in it. This way i can select different values for parameter and i get to see projects by Name


      My problem is that now, I cannot see all the projects when i am not interested in filtering data by Name. So i added value "All" to my parameter and I tried to modify my formulae of the calculated field to


      IF ([team lead name parameter] = "All") THEN TRUE else CONTAINS([Name],[team lead name parameter] )




      but that throws an error 'cannot use Boolean type in if expression'. How could i modify the formulae?