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    Dealing with db hosted on local machine

    Elise Nguyen

      Hi everyone,


      This is a lengthy question but please bear with me. I host my data in a MySQL db on my laptop (right now I'm the only one able to access it directly). This is temporary until we figure out the best db hosting option.


      I have a number of charts that pull data from this db. I can publish these charts to the Tableau development server at my company. However, migrating these visualizations to the production server requires the help of the IT team since I don't have the permission to publish to the production server.


      The problem is, the IT team can not access my local MySQL database. So what we're doing currently is someone accessing my laptop from remote, entering their credentials and publishing the charts from my laptop. This takes like half an hour, which I don't think is a good way to use anyone's time. The MySQL database also doesn't have to update constantly - it's updated roughly every two months (or on a as needed basis) so extracts are fine.


      Do you know if there's a way I could publish just an extract of a locally hosted MySQL database so that the IT team doesn't have to initiate a session every time I want to update the charts? With Excel files that doesn't seem to be a problem but I don't know what causes the problem for MySQL.



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          Hari Ankem

          See if this helps:

          1. Publishing your data source to the Development Server.

          2. For the workbook, switch the data source to the one you have just published above.

          3. Publish this workbook to the Production Server. Hopefully, it will work, unless your production server cannot connect to the Development Server.

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            Jeff James



            You can do that. The current process requires a connection to your laptop because that is how the data source is defined in the Tableau Workbook.


            The "easiest" way would be to extract the .tde file from an extracted version of the current workbook (right-click and unpackage in Windows Explorer).


            Then, add a new data source to your workbook that uses the .tde file rather than the live connection. Start with a "More..." file type connection:

            Navigate to the location of the .tde file:


            IMPORTANT: Make sure the location of the file is somewhere that is accessible from the server and your laptop. Otherwise, it will not be able to be updated.


            Once you have the new data source, replace the existing data data source (data > replace data source):

            Close the current data source.


            Save the new workbook as a different name


            You can create a new .tde file every time the data gets updated and place it in the shared location.


            There are various ways to create .tde files (manually or using the API). After that, the process will be the same.