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    Exporting multiple dashboard images in a workbook using Desktop

    Bryan Mills

      I have a workbook with 7 dashboards in it and a couple filters that I use to change the data displayed on each of the dashboard. The filter changes which building's data is displayed in each of the vizzes and another changes which grade level.


      I know that I can export each dashboard individually as a PNG and it will automatically save the image as the name of the dashboard, but what I'd like to do is export ALL dashboards at once so I do not have to repeat the process 7 times per building, per grade.


      Were I only doing this a couple times, no big deal, but I'll be changing the filter 40+ times so I'll be exporting over 280 images, then doing it 3 times per building (for each grade level) so I'm looking at a TON of images! After the images are generated for a building I'm dropping them into a PPT file. Numerous PDF to PPT converters failed miserably so images are our only way of doing this and frankly, with Powerpoint's Image Album functionality, once I get everything to images that final step of creating the PPT is a breeze.


      Is there any way to export multiple dashboard images at once? Tabcmd can work as we use Online every now and then but with multiple filters, can this be accomplished? Also, I'm on a Mac and while I can run it through a Windows instance I'd rather just try and accomplish everything in Desktop.