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    Disappearing Sheet in Dashboard - Using the same Filter

    Seb Kohle

      Hi All,


      I am stuck. I have built a dashboard which displays two sheets. Both sheets use two of the same filter (Country and Subregion).


      The second sheet has an additional filter (Volcano Name); this filters the top 30 Volcanoes of interest by Limiting top 30 by Elevation (Monday Visualisation challenge for the familiar).

      In the dashboard this filter is represented by a slider (Set to Apply to 'All Worksheets using Related Datasources'.)


      If I set the second sheet to 'Use as Filter', the first sheet in the Dashboard will respond to filtration with no issue. BUT! When I also set the First sheet in the Dashboard to 'Use as Filter', the second sheet disappears.


      As far as I can tell, the second sheet will untick all values under the 'Volcano Name' Filter, when the first sheet is set to 'Use as Filter' in the Dashboard.


      Elevation is used as a Mark in both sheets (not sure if relevant).


      I have tried solving here: Disappearing Dashboard Sheets  but it was not helpful.





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          Robertino Bonora

          Hi Sebastian, try the following,


          Set in the two sheets the Use as Filter option. After that, you have to use the sheet as a filter (Select a volcano and the second sheet goes blank), next, go to the Size of Alaskan Volcanoes sheet and delete the next filter



          The sheet already have the action that passes the name of the volcano. With that the sheet must work fine.



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