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    Assign Specific IP address to Tableau Server

    Karthik Venkatraman

      HI All,


      I have installed tableau server in my test environment. The single server has been configured with two IP address one for the Tableau server (10.17.xx.194) and another for the IIS (10.17.xx.235).


      This is because the IIS was provided port 80 and we also want to provide the Tableau Server with port 80. Else we Tableau server will be configured by default to port 8000. To prevent this, we have provided two IP address for the same machine.


      However when we start the Tableau server, we are getting the error GateWay error stating that Tableau requires port 80 and 443. The IIS has been configured with different IP address but tableau server uses both the IP address ( the one assigned to IIS as well as the other one).


      Is there a way to force or update the tablelau server configuration to use a specific IP address.