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    Failed to fetch

    Dylan Weaver

      I'm having so many issues with Tableau Prep and it's really starting to get annoying. I'm getting a "Failed to fetch" message. There is nothing wrong with my network file connections. Oh. just got another message while typing this. "Something went wrong and the application needs to restart."


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          Dylan Weaver

          Clicked on restart and another error message!


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            This is a memory overload issue. Your system is probably capped out on available memory based on the workflow steps you have.


            A word of caution, when Prep shuts down in this manner it does not always shutdown all processes that are running. If you restart Prep it will start a duplicate process(es) running and consuming even more memory.  When you get this issue you need to go to Task Manager and make sure all Tableau related processes (including JAVA) are shut down.  If not manually force them to close. An alternative is to restart your machine as that will clear out the locked processes as well.



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              Dylan Weaver

              Thanks, Garth.


              I have 32GB of RAM and Tableau Prep doesn't even come close to occupying more than 40%. There has to be more going on here.



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                Arthur Gyldenege

                Thank you again for posting the issues you're encountering. Can you tell me a little more about your machine specs such as CPU and free disk space?  32GB of RAM should be more than enough.

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                  Joe Berry

                  I am getting the exact same thing. 16GB of RAM and 8 cores.

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                    Tim Zalk

                    Wanted to pop in and say I'm getting the exact same error messages.


                    Connecting to Excel files on a network drive. They open fine in Excel. Didn't have any issues until closing and reopening the flow.


                    RAM: 7.4 GB used / 16 GB total. Prep is using about 3.2 GB of that.

                    317 GB available on C:

                    2.8 GHz i7. Utilization anywhere between 50%-100% when using Prep on this particular flow. Steep drop-off to an idle 5-10% or so when I get the "Failed to fetch" error messages.

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                      Chris Haynes

                      Also getting a failed to fetch message, and this simply when I'm trying to load a file (23 MB), the flow isn't built yet...

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                        I am also getting a failed to fetch message. Running Prep 2018.2.2.  The flow worked fine last night. Task manager reports that Prep is using ~2 gig RAM. Machine has 8 cores and 16 gig.


                        Problem initially seemed to be that it didn't want to overwrite the previously created .hyper extract file on my C: drive. When encountering that last night, it was resolved by deleting the .hyper file and re-running the flow. Now, deleting the .hyper file does not resolve it. I also tried to point the extract to a different folder, but still receiving the failed to fetch message.


                        Prep appears to have a significant memory leak problem.


                        I quit Prep and ended all Tableau related items in the Task Manager, then re-ran Prep. This time, for the first time, I was prompted about whether I wanted to overwrite the tableau file upon clicking Run Flow. I said "Yes", and the flow appeared to run... but then I again received the "An error has occured while running the flow" message.

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                          Martin Kmec

                          What is the most fascinating to me, is the fact that the flow worked for me yesterday, but not today. I am happy that there are more people who experience the same issue, hopefully someone will look into it.

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                            Matt Lutton

                            Are we submitting support cases?


                            Please help Tableau improve the product by providing your direct feedback:





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                              Gavin Wyborn

                              I'm constantly experiencing this problem. I have logged various support cases and still haven't received a working solution. I just upgraded to 2018.2.3 and this just seems to make things worse. I now get this error about 20 times per day. Any pressure that can be put on Tableau to sort this is highly appreciated. I'm at the point where I might need to give up on Tableau as their product is virtually unusable for our ongoing needs. Looks like Alteryx might win out in the end. I hope not.

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                                I agree it is worse in that it is happening more frequently. I still come back to the fact that this appears to be a Java scripting issue as that is what is maxing out each time TB hangs up.


                                Lately the the only thing that has worked for me is to close TB and restart. Sometimes it takes one cycle, sometimes 2... then it opens the flow with the data.


                                very frustrating...



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                                  Christopher Lewis

                                  Adding my own drop in the bucket with this issue (and others) too. I'm in the process of evaluating Tableau Prep for use in larger projects I have coming up. It's not very promising when I can't even successfully get through the training documents/sample files without being blocked by a number of glitches and errors.


                                  The generic "An Error Has Occurred." is probably the most frustrating in addition to data not being able to be fetched.

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                                    Nick Ryberg

                                    "Failed to fetch ... something went wrong" are symptoms of a beta quality product.  This is just one of the many daily reasons I have to open Task Manager (another symptom) and kill the JAVA app behind Prep.


                                    I cannot recommend this as a production quality application to my team or company.  While I'm less than excited about booting up SAS again, at least I know it's not going to hang or crash mysteriously without any meaningful error messages. 

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