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    Sorting Ship to Days

    Shariq Mohd

      Hi Folks,


      I am emulating my issue with superstore data set. I created a calc field for days difference between 2 dates i need to sort ship to days from highest to lowest however i am unable to sort the view by highest to lowest if i don't aggregate it, if i aggregate them i am able to sort it but aggregating it gives me wrong numbers see below, for e.g for the first order in the view the order date is "Sep 20 2017" and Ship date is "Sep 26 2017" so ship to days should be 6 days however to be able to sort if i aggregate it gives 84 (i don't know why its doing it) which is incorrect, if i don't aggregate then the numbers are fine however i am unable to sort it.


      I need help in sorting the view with the correct days so that the sorting doesn't reset if there are actions or filters on top the view.