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    map help needed

    Ssathish S.

      I cannot attach workbook because of organization privacy reason.

      (Hopefully Tableau makes a feature that allows export of package workbook with replaced dummy data to ease the process of asking questions)


      I have a variable called Destination.

      Inside contains mix of cities and countries. Some were registered as country, some cities.

      I only want display in country.

      So I use edit location.

      For example, florida, i edit to United states.


      However, when i create map, it highlights the region correctly, but when click, it says: Florida. qty XXX.


      It overlaps the other obs that are having united states as destination.


      Basically, even though i edited the labels, tableau map doesnt group and sum them properly.


      I cannot find any solution on it online

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          Michal Mokwinski

          HI Ssathish,


          I think you only changed the name for the geolocation, so it works ok for map.

          I would join your data with a Table containing all states and country name. So, if your [Destination] is Florida you will get a new field wi US in it. If the [Destitation] is on country level there will be no match and you will end up with null. Than you can write a calculation saying, if the jointed country field is null than take the original destination.


          Hope you can get what I mean,


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            Ssathish S.

            I understand what you mean. However, country and state is currently in one variable. Even if I duplicate it and set one to country, one to city, the calculated field cannot be used because it is not "null'.

            Only under "edit mapping" then it will be shown as unrecognized.