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    Graphs based on pivots keep disappearing randomly when filtered

    Amarnath Mohan

      I have this weird issue where individual worksheets containing graphs that are based on pivots (Pivot Field names, pivot field values & Count (Number of records)) goes blank.

      I have a sheet where I've pulled all the data that is being fed into the pivot and this sheet is the master of all the graphs that I'm trying to plot on separate sheets - this sheet has a bar graph with around 50 bars and the remaining sheets are individually filtered on Pivot Field Names (and hence a subset of the master).

      The first time it worked like a charm, I saved and exited, however on opening it again, half the sheets were blank. The master sheet was still showing all the right values and given that the master data is fine, the individual sheets which are subsets of the master shouldn't have any problems, however that's not the case. Sometimes, when I just play with the filters, it comes back, however reloading the sheet causes them to go blank again. I've also tried replicating these missing sheets and some work fine on the new sheets and some don't.


      I can't really attach the worksheet as the data is confidential. However I was hoping somebody else had faced this issue and could help me out. Thanks!