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    Summary panes not showing after Join

    Catherine March

      Hello -


      I have a left join based on a field called Temp Customer Name, which has all records in it since I branched off from the original path and then returned to the primary path to connect an aggregated field. In the Join step, I am shown all the matching values and join results and everything looks great, but the following step (and all steps beyond it) no longer show the summary panes, they are all blank.


      Join Step: note the path diverting, aggregating to come up with an overarching field, and then returning to the original field to add the aggregated field to the rest of the data. Everything looks great in the Join.



      Step immediately after Join: Nothing displayed

      Now, in my final output steps I do get data on the excel sheets but I don't really have a good way of checking that each step was completed as I think it should be.


      Possibly related, but since upgrading to 2018.2.1 the "Preview in Tableau Desktop" feature returns the error "Check that Tableau Desktop is installed, then try again", although I have Tableau Desktop up and running normally.

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          Catherine March

          Hi -


          I was able to figure out this one. If I moved the step that created Temp Customer Name (last green slug) to before the split for aggregate I have no problem viewing the data output in the summary panes. I also am able to Preview in Tableau Desktop without any issues.


          New workflow: Temp Cust Name created prior to path splitting (only one path has calculations, the other is direct to the join)

          Output after join: summary output shows as normal and balances to totals before the split (not working previously)



          In case anyone runs into a similar issue, just changing my order of operations solved the problem.



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            Thanks for sharing the steps that you used to resolve the issue. I have provided this information to the Tableau Prep team as well.



            Byrne, Patrick