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    HELP! Fixed level of detail, include, exclude expression

    Charles  Johnson



      Hello all,

      I'm currently new to tableau and am looking for assistance on a project I'm working on.  I am trying to fix the level of sales for each dimension that I am trying to slice on.  In the trended view where I'm trying to get the (total number of unwinds) as a % of (Total Sales) worksheet every slicer is working except DaysToUnwindGroup and Category1(UnwindReason).  It is not fixing the sales. Sales are calculated by counting the distinct AccountNumber.


      For example in Jan 2013 the total number of Unwinds that happen when the group is set to 30 should be 169 with total sales = 3836, but it is showing total sales as 1308 and I have no idea where this number is coming from. The hope is to be able to slice on every slicer and having sales fixed to the # of sales that happen based on the information being sliced.


      Below is the attached workbook.