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    Display No Data Message with sheets tiled


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where I need to display "No Data" text on the dashboard when there is no data according to filter selection. I am publishing the dashboards to tableau server and we are integrating the dashboards into the customer's application. I am using URL filter for filtering the dashboards in the customer's application (with angular 4 code).

      I have already seen the below link for displaying 'No Data" message

      Have you ever been asked to show NO DATA?  Here’s how without writing a single calc. – The Data Duo

      The Problem is that I cannot put my sheets as floating because we are embedding the dashboards into customer's application so if I keep the sheets and the text box as floating then there will be a lot of issues with the alignment and browser compatibility in the application. Also in many dashboards I have only one table so where to place the "No Data" text box because if suppose I place the text box in center and only one row data is there in table upon filter selection then "No Data" will still be displayed below the table with one row of data which is totally wrong. (Please see the below image for reference)

      No Data.png

      So is there a way to display "No Data" by keeping the sheets as tiled only ??


      Please help me on this !!