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    Local User 'Tableau Software'

    Lars Beumann

      Dear community,


      on our Windows Tableau Server (10.4) I noticed on every site an unlicensed local user account with the name 'Tableau Software'.

      Normally we are using AD-Authentication and I'm wondering when this user is created and what exactly it is about. I can't see it on a new installed Tableau Server anymore.


      I would be really happy if you can come up with some ideas on that.


      Thanks in advanced


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          Did you check if it is same as the "run as user"?

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            Hello Lars,


            As it does not appear in the new version of the product after installation, I would assume it was a created user, and it was being displayed as an unlicensed users because of the scenario below. (see bolded section below)


            Name (Site Membership) / Site Role: If the user is not a server administrator, you can assign a user to zero or more sites, along with a site role for each site. You do not have to choose site membership and site role at this time. If you don’t specify site membership and site role for a new server user, the user will be added as a server user only, with a site role of Unlicensed.


            Information was pulled from the following: Add Users to Tableau Server



            Hope this helps!


            Byrne, Patrick