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    Drill down action on Total sales...

    Grace Raj

      Hi ,

      I am trying to get the  drill down option  on Total Sales ,Total Profit and $of Total Quantity..For example, if I click on Total Sales, all other components should change based on the value shown in the Total Sales, Meaning...it should show the which state/category/sub sub category has got the  sales... and how much...  No luck even after selecting the filter ... Is there any way that I can implentment this logic



      Thanks in advance


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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Grace,


          I'm not 100% sure of your requirements - as the map, category and sub category vizzes are all filters as well, isn't it doing what you want it to do (but in reverse) if you select them ?


          If you want the total sales to change the map, category or sub category vizzes, then it needs to contain something to filter them by (such as a different level of detail). Put another way, at the moment its just representing the sum of everything that has been selected...