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    Choosing one value from an aggregated series

    David Marquardt



      I am trying to label the Min/Max range one a sheet that has multiple line graphs.  One way to do that is by labeling the Min/Max values.   Many of my line graphs have duplicate values, though - so I may have multiple Max values per line graph.  How can I choose only one of these Max values?  In image below, if I have a series of values that are all the maximum, how can I single out only one of them?


      The labels are based on a dual axis, with values calculated in the following field:


      IF MIN([_commoditySetFix]) = WINDOW_MIN(MIN([_commoditySetFix])) or MAX([_commoditySetFix]) = WINDOW_MAX(MAX([_commoditySetFix])) THEN




      Right now, when I try to make a calculated field to identify only one min/max value  (with First() Last() or Index()) I'm not allowed, since they don't function with aggregated inputs.  Any thoughts?


      I'm attaching a practice workbook, if you'd like to try your hand.