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    Group and Replace causes additional rows

    Duncan Lee

      I have a spreadsheet with 1800 rows.


      After applying some Group & Replace, I'm getting additional rows (duplicate).  The more Group & Replace I have, the more duplicates I could get (but not in a linear increasing fashion).


      All the 1800 have unique identifiers which is what I'm using to track this.


      I tried to re-create this using a test spreadsheet of 3 rows and multiple Group & Replace but I couldn't reproduce the problem.


      Any ideas on what is happening?


      *Note* attached Flow file is of the 3 rows (which IS working fine)


      EDIT: I just started off with the same 1800 row data set again.  There is a column which breaks things into 3 categories.  1 of which has 6 rows.  I did a 'Group and Replace' / 'Edit Value' on this value of 6 rows, changing it from 'Category 1' to 'CATEGORY 1' and then suddenly it has 12 rows all together. Is this expected?