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    Breaking out a column into multiple fields

    Chris Kelly

      Hi there. I have an awful lot of really powerful data that I'm trying to play with in Tableau. Trying very hard to avoid using Minitab.


      I am doing an auto extraction out of iAuditor (awesome process, so easy), and when it lands in tableau the key parameters I want to analyse are all grouped into the one column.


      Essentially, each row in my sheet is a record in an audit (has date and time parameters). I want to split it out so that each row is an entire audit, and each Column is a parameter or 'field'. I have attached a screenshot. See the 'Label' column - I would like each of those as seperate columns (there might be 20 of these unfortunately).


      I really need to break this column into pieces so that I can do things like change to numerical format, etc, and really 'use' the data.