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    Check for broken image url


      Hi all,

      Have a quick question on URL action. I have an image url which pulls images directly from website (https). Issue is, some of the links do not have any image and sever returns 404 error. How do we make this like a massage "No Image to display" instead of showing the 404 error.


      We need to make tableau understand that this is not an image right.





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          Hello Adi,


          When Tableau is displaying the an image from a Web page it is simply trying to render the web page. Since there is nothing there when it reaches out to some of the URLs it will return the 404 error. One option would be to make place holder images that say "No image to display", these could even be customized then with a company logo given a little help with photoshop.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick