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    Updated:Time elapsed in 24 Hour Format, Please Help

    Sneha Darsi


      I am trying to create a view where it shows the time elapsed of source files in a 24 hour format (the final result should look like the pic below). So the idea would be to click on any date from the View Date box and see that this source sys job ran from say 3AM to 5:30AM and then again from 6PM until 11:15PM (displayed like the bars in the picture). I attached a workbook of what I have so far (this is Version 10.2). The problem is that while the start times line up with the date, the end times don't. For example, if you select March 23, 2018, you get jobs starting from that date until May 31st. I'm not sure why this is happening. What I want is to only see the jobs that ran on March 23rd.The other issue is that it is not in the 24 hour format on the X-Axis (like in the pic). Despite my best efforts, I have no idea how to fix these issues. Could somebody please help me figure out how to get the X-Axis formatting into 24 hours and how to show only the times for the single date selected from the calendar? Please let me know if I can clarify anything and I would be very grateful for fast replies as I have a deadline to meet very soon. Thank you!!


      Capture 4.PNG


      Update: I tried manually getting the 24 hours by changing the format of the X-Axis from automatic to fixed. Then moving the sliders to just show 1 day. That did get it into the hourly format I need. But by doing that, it pretty much messes everything else up. I attached that workbook as well (labelled Daily Run Excel 24) if that helps. Is there some sort of calculation that I need to do?