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    Calculating Age based off Date for Bin use

    Michaela Dennis

      Hello tableau community,


      I am having some difficulty with a file I'm working with. I would like to create a histogram for NTF By Age that is a little easier to digest. My current histogram shows the date of our clients birth based on year compared to the total account net worth's (about one account per year in the style I have it).  from that year. Currently I have a separate bar for each year that someone was born but ultimately I would like to create bins of ages (say 20-40, 40-60...) in order to show total new to firm net worth by age My DOB is formatted as Month/Date/Year and month is not numerical.


      Is there an easier way to create bins with a dimension that can't be converted to a measure? I want bins calculated by age not net worth (which is my measure). The way I have it formatted currently is a bit of a mess.


      Thanks in advance for your help!