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    Hyper Query Logs? If so, Where?

    Steven Burger

      Does Hyper maintain a set of query logs for extract datasources much in the same manner that a relational database does?


      My ask is similar to this older (TDE) thread: Re: Where to find backgrounder query used to refresh TDE?


      Key Need: Need to find a way to audit and trace lineage from the workbook all they way back to specific columns in the source data to meet GDPR auditing requirements.


      I am aware the columns (dimensions & measures) can be found in the workbook XML, and that really should be proactively managed in Hyper extract creation.   But need to meet a requirement to write SQL for results.


      Have tried joining Historical_Events table to the various hist_* tables in Workgroup Server (PostgreSQL) with no luck.  The best I can get is a lineage from workbook back to the source table, but not specific columns there-in.


      Suspect my answer will involve parsing log files and the PostgreSQL Workgroup server. Can anyone refute or confirm?


      Articles I've read for reference:

      Re: Where to find backgrounder query used to refresh TDE?




      Thank you very much in advance!!