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    Font issue Tableau Desktop 10.5.3

    Lauren McCollough

      I am helping a developer find an answer to a strange font issue she is encountering in Tableau desktop 10.5.3.

      The developer has two nearly identical worksheets (data tables), with the same field pulled into both worksheets. This field in one of the worksheets is displaying as a much smaller font than the other sheet, though the formatting settings are the same in both worksheets.

      When the font size is increased to size 10 or decreased to size 8 for this field in the affected workbook, the font is the appropriate size. However, when the font size is set to Tableau Book 9 (how the developer wants all the fields to display), the font changes to very small, looks very tiny.

      The affected field is pulled into the text marks card, not the columns and rows.

      The font remains tiny when published to Tableau Server from Desktop, does not change at all.

      I work in healthcare and cannot upload the workbook or take a screenshot of the data table. I am unable to replicate the issue in a generic workbook.

      Has anyone else encountered such an issue?

      Thank you!