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    Trouble filtering Top X maps and nothing works :(

    Cynthia Amelia

      I'm new to Tableau and have been stuck with this matter for quite a while. It would be great if someone can give me ideas on what to do or a work around on this. Because of confidentially issue, I can't provide the workbook but I'll explain the data that I have, what I need to do about it, and also the workaround that I've been doing. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!


      Data and overview:

      I have customers data and where they buy Product A and Product B in several of our stores across the United States. I wanted to visualize the top X stores in maps where each customers buy the products accordingly. I have the store unit ID, latitude and longitude data of each stores.



      I tried to do this using parameter Top X and use a calculated field to filter it. It worked fine across table calculation. However, if I try to do it in maps, it doesn't filter out according to the Top X parameter. I put longitude and latitude of the store in the columns and rows. Sum of Sales, Store unit ID in marks. Filter by salesperson, product type, customer name, and calculated field to filter in Top X or not.


      Workaround that I've been doing:

      1. Create a LOD calculation  as follows: Fixed ( [Customer], [Store Unit ID], [Product Type], [Transaction Date] : SUM [Sales]) and put this in the maps instead of just sum sales. It doesn't work.

      2. Create a set by formula and use LOD calculation above.

      3. I've been trying the solution from here too:


      Get map to always show top N entries with filters on


      Dashboard trouble filtering a map by a Top (N) filtered vertical bar sheet

      Any workaround or maybe why this might keep happening would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!! Let me know if you need further explanation


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