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    Labels/Annotations on Polygons

    Chris Ford



      Im using a background image and some x,y,z data to test visualising architectural floor plans in tableau.


      I understand that you cant out a label onto a polygon, and that said Im using annotations to describe the data.


      The problem is, when I relink the annotations drop off and I need to reassign them.


      Am I doing something wrong or do I have to reset them each time the data changes?


      Ive attached below and tableau workbook if anyone can help.









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          Simon Runc

          hi Chris,


          So the problem here is that there are 3 types on annotation (Mark, Point and Area)



          The Mark one is the only type (I think, I've not used annotations much) that can be linked to the Status dimension (or ATTR), and this changes as the mark is the combination of dimensions Status/Shapeid/Point. so if any of these 3 change it is not longer linked.


          If you are not so concerned with the label being exactly in the middle! you could use a real label like so



          and then Dual-Axis (sync axis and make the transparency for the circle mark 0%)


          Hope that helps