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    Tableau Prep: Crane Demo

    Jordan Scott

      Crane Scenario Forecast Demo (5-7 minutes)
      This is a basic, shorter demo meant to show off the main features and benefits of Tableau Prep in a real-world business scenario.


      You work for a crane inspection and repair business and need to forecast your revenue for the rest of 2018. Your revenue is forecasted in an Excel spreadsheet and a CSV, one for every crane you maintain. You want to compare that against the age of these cranes, in case certain machines may need more maintenance than forecasted. Let’s combine this data so you can evaluate the quality of your forecast.

      Features Involved

      • Wildcard union
      • Group and Replace (Pronunciation)
      • Pivot experience
      • Create calculated field
      • Join experience
      • Create output


      Set up

      • Download file found on this page: “Crane Job Forecast 2018.xlsx"
      • Download file found on this page: “Age of Cranes.csv”