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    How can I use the numbers calculated on other sheets?

    Manami Wada

      Hi all,


      I made 2 sheets and now I want to use these numbers and make function as I did on Excel.

      I appreciate if you can check the Excel file attached, because it's quite hard to explain by words how function goes in Excel.

      How can I calculate using numbers appeared on several sheets?


      (Sorry the letters are written in Kanji, but I think still you will notice "2017年1月" means "2017/1"!)



      A. Counts of inquiries


      B. The horizontal axis is:  How long it took to start their service counted from inquiry date.

      The vertical axis is as same as A(inquiry month).

      Numbers among these are counts that how many month it took to start from their inquiry.

      So, 23 people inquired on 2017/1, and started on 2017/1. (lead time=0)

      20 people inquired on 2017/1, and started on 2017/2. (lead time=1)



      And what I want to make in Tableau is like this:

      (Excel file attached)







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