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    How to join three data sources with similar data but different levels of detail?

    Mark Stoutjesdijk

      Hi all,


      I have three data sets that count the number of times that a sports match (either soccer or field hockey) took place. Each has a different level of detail:

      High: includes which ref, time, date, location

      Medium: includes month, location

      Low: includes location

      I want to see if there are any discrepancies in these data sets. And if so, I'd like to use the higher levels of detail to see which matches were possibly registered wrong. I would like to display the number of times that either a soccer of field hockey game took place (the lowest level of detail), but because of the joins, the numbers are all incorrect. A second sheet could display a table with the high level of detail.


      My question is: how do I bring this data together and get the correct results? I include a source xls and a packaged workbook. Line 5 in the "Medium" tab of the excel contains an inconsistency.


      Any help appreciated!