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    Adding dimension in Grand Total

    dinesh punnam

      Hello All,


      First and foremost , This community is helping me a lot and I want to thank all !


      I want to calculate the grand total and want to see split on a dimension - I have attached 1)  work book  with Gross revenue per sales office and 2) Gross revenue for all sales office.I want to both the sheets in same axis - any help or suggestion is appreciated.

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Dinesh,


          You should bring them both into the dashboard and use the padding in layout or use blank objects to adjust the grand totals chart so that the left hand side has a blank space.


          The axis should also be fixed so that both the charts use the exact same range:


          Step one:


          1) Bring a horizontal container in:





          2) Then bring in the two worksheets so that one is above and below the other, you can remove anything from the view you don't need:




          2) Hide the title in the total worksheet:




          3) Show the header in the worksheet for table and fix the axis:







          4) Then hide the headers and go to the totals table and fix the axis there. In the dashboard, fit both worksheets to entire view:





          5) Click on the totals worksheet and go to layout and update the left padding:







          Please see the attached workbook.





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            dinesh punnam

            Thanks LIU -


            When I say same axis can we put total with split in the same sheet (or) 

            if you see the worksheet 1 and 2,  I am unable to have share common  filter "YEAR L --> table calc  between sheets cuz that is calculated at different levels


            could you please help me in this regards.



            Pooja Gandhi Shinichiro Murakami


            For some reason the other post was deleted by someone. could you guys help me in this regards

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              Shinichiro Murakami

              HI Denish,


              I tried to mock up the data, but it was too huge and I failed.

              Basic concept is like these posts.


              Unable to sum grand total for table calculation field


              Grand Total Not Adding Up


              But big workarouds might be needed and performance hits are also concerned.


              Combining on dashboard may be more realistic.