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    Change Format of the Last Mark in a Graph


      Hi everyone!


      I have this graph in which I would like to avoid showing the very last Mark as a line. Instead, I would like to have both of the last Marks (for Sales and Order ID in this sample dataset) showing up as Points (as they are partial data and I don't want the line to give an idea of a "bad trend").


      I made several attempts among which using this formula:


      if (DATETRUNC('month',[Delivery date]) <> [Month Chosen]) then [Order Number (ID)] else null END


      However, it is always showing the Mark in the very last month, even if it will be just a 0. I guess I am missing something very easy here.


      I cannot filter it out, because in my case it won't show up another value that I would like to be shown in the overlapping graph (a forecast I made up for the same month).


      Please find attached a sample workbook from which I tried to give an idea of the situation I have.


      Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.