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    Mapbox and tableau integration

    Farhan Tirmizi

      Hi friends,

      I am a tableau desktop user. I needed to have a multi-layer map for a project and for this was referred to mapbox by our Tableau team. Mapbox was easy and I was able to make a 3 layer map quickly. However, importing the map into tableau has been eventful.

      When I link the mapbox map to tableau it displays only one of the three layers (usually the second one). When I explored further use of icons in mapbox was causing the issue and when I used plain circles (with different colors) they would appear in tableau. I kept trying and finally was able to import a 3 layer map into tableau using icons successfully. However, this was the only time I could do it. Has anyone had experience with mapbox and tableau and experienced the same? Can anyone help.


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          Tim Dines

          I use the two programs together frequently and recommend it to many users on here.  I usually create maps in Mapbox without the icons on them.  After importing the Mapbox map into Tableau, I plot the points that would be icons and change the shapes to custom icons I have stored in the repository.