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    Filters reapplying the data I have hidden

    Shea Moyner

      I have a worksheet that has several filters. When looking at everything as a whole and hiding the ranking 1 to 5 where I sum(allowed) and then sum(allowed) for the top 5 and then rank and then show overall numbers, I get 5 values that are a running_sum and then the sum allowed that shows in each of the cells. I hid all but the final one to show just one summation of allowed and the one summation of the top 5 added together; however, every time I change the filter like filter on another state or a product or anything, the data un-hides and that is not what I want. I want to retain just the two bars in the graph every time and just have the data refresh based on the filter selected.


      Here is a screen shot of what I need it to always look like after filtering:



      Here is what it does when I apply any filter: I attached an example WB