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    Tableau Revision Number in Dashboard

    Aakash Bhattacharya

      Dear Elite Tableau Users,


      We have a requirement wherein we need to embed the current Tableau revision history number in the Dashboard along with the last update timestamp.

      This information will help to explain any change in the reporting layout or numbers.


      The last update timestamp solution is possible but so far I can not find any clue how to add the current Tableau revision number to my report.


      Also I am trying to avoid using the backend Poststress DB for PROD reports because as soon I will upgrade to Hyper this will not work anymore.


      Many thanks for your pointer.




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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Aki,


          I do not believe I have ever heard of a feature request to add Tableau Version as a field to a published workbook.  Would this be the Tableau version of the published workbook or the version of Tableau Server or Online currently hosting the dashboard?   Please add this as a new Idea to Ideas and explain how it would be used and why with as much detail as possible.  Please remember to vote up your own idea.  Many people forget to add their votes to their own idea. 


          Thank you