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    Merging Files as One Data Source

    Heidi Kiser

      In 2015, Ankit Patel posted this information which was really helpful to me, but something seems to have gone wrong. I'm not sure what. Since he is no longer in the Community that I can find, can someone else help with followup?


      Original Question: I have 12 data files each representing a different months of data over the year - they all have the same columns but with different dates representing that month. How on earth do get Tableau to recognise these files as one merged data source?

      Original Answer: You can do this by creating extracts of the excel/csv, and there is no need to change or remove the header as long as your files are going to remain the same (i.e. column headers) are the same. See below on how to append to a Master TDE file -



      Ankit continued: From the above menu it seems that you can also append data directly from a file - I still have to try that as I know that appending data from DataB.tde to DataMaster.tde has worked just fine for me.


      Follow on Question: In version 10.3, the option to Append Data from Data Source is no longer in this menu. So I tried to Append Data from File...

      This option did not require me to create each separate file as a .tde, which I wouldn't know how to do anyway. I'm working with data from three regions, starting with the Americas, then wanting to add EuMEA and Asia. So, in my Data Source screen, I see my Americas data file, and the relationships of it to my joined tables. When I Append Data from File, it seemed to write my EuMEA and Asia data to the Americas file.

      Problem 1: I don't see those files present in the Data Source screen, so am also concerned how could I refresh them.

      Problem 2: In the dashboard I built though, it is apparent that something went very wrong with the data. All the European companies show all their resources in the United States. It seems I need to go back to the recommendation of first creating individual .tde files for each region, but how do I do this? I'm not a programmer that can write a script, only have the ability to use the Tableau tool.


      Thank you for your help!