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    Year to Date vs Last Year to Date

    Melissa McClure

      I'm hoping to get some advice on how to set up a view that will compare sales this year to date (1/1/18 - 5/17/18) to the same time period last year (1/1/17 - 5/17/17).

      I would like to have a list of customers with a column showing 2018 YTD sales and a column showing 2017 YTD sales.


      Where I am...

      I can set up my worksheet in the view that I want, with Year as column, Customer as row, and a filter on date.

      I can filter date to reflect year to date, however, that wipes out the previous year on only shows 2018 year to date sales.

      I've found other explanations of how to compare to same time period last year in the forums, however, being a newbie to Tableau they have been over my head.  I'm hoping to gain some direction from that beginner's viewpoint here.  Thank you for any direction!

      I'm using version 10.4.3.