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    Length of calculation impacting system responsiveness?

    jonathan kassak

      I used a calculation to identify specific joint replacement procedures such as unilateral knee replacement,  bilateral hip replacement, unilateral knee revision, etc.

      The calculation is about 1000 rows.


      My dashboard uses two data sources; both data sources are extracts from our Electronic Health Record.

      The procedure codes are in one data source only.


      When I build or update the report using the joint replacement (calculated) procedure codes - everything works, but takes several minutes to process.


      My theory, for what I believe to be the lack of responsiveness (time it takes to execute), is that it is due to the sheer size of the calculation.


      I realize several factors may be at play here.   I'm looking for some input and suggestions ranging from....Jonathan you are completely wrong here it has nothing to do with the size of your calculation  - to Jonathan it might have to do with your calculation and there is a better, more optimal way maybe to do it.


      I haven't attached a workbook, but I have attached the calculation.


      Hoping someone could tell me if there might be a better or other way to do things and/or if it might be worthwhile exploring other reasons related to slow responsiveness of refresh of the procedures only.  All other refreshes are very responsive.


      As mentioned, the procedure calculation works it just takes several minutes (not several seconds) to reprocess and refresh every time I change something on the worksheet that uses the procedure codes.


      I am using version 10.3


      Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.