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    Grand Total working fine by column but not by row for one of two measures

    Pankaj Nahar

      I am working on a dashboard where in I wanted to see grand totals for two measures both by column wise & row wise.
      As you can see in screenshot it works fine for 'Hours' measure but for '% Uptime' measure (which is aggregated calculated field) row wise grand total is blank whereas it returns value columnwise.


      Please help me to resolve this.


      Just FYI,

      % Uptime= If (ATTR([Logical Name]) = 'equip.deere.com' or ATTR([Logical Name]) = 'servicedelivery.deere.com') then (1 - ((Sum([Hours]) / ATTR([Month Days]*17*[No of Apps]))))

                          ELSE (1 - ((Sum([Hours]) / ATTR([Month Days]*24*[No of Apps])))) END