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    SAP Hana connections tuning

    Angel Alberto Márquez Vargas

      Hi guys,

      Currently we are facing some performance issues in the connection between Tableau and SAP Hana. We have a datasource involving 1.1GB that takes 10 minutes to get the result. The most of the time is due to fetching data task. In the Hana ODBC driver, we  have an option that improves performance, regarding the data package size used to data transferring. We can set this parameter, for example, if we define a DNS ODBC connection at OS level. But it seems we cant do that on Tableau connection. The question is, are there some way to set client odbc driver custom parameters in Tableau connection? We know about TDC files, but it seems its not what we are searching for, because the parameteres we can use are part of the standard Tableau parameteres.


      Thanks in advance.