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    Y axis control Manually

    venkat venkat



      I want to control the y-axis manually. Can we do that?


      I'm attaching the workbook which I did it by sheet swapping. I want Y-axis control by a slider or reference line or by a parameter. That means I want it in a single sheet.


      Please let me know if you don't understand.




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          Simon Runc

          hi Venkat,


          Here you go...


          So first thing was to change your Axis Control Parameter to a Float (you can still use the Alias if you want a more human readable name)


          Then I changed the mark type to Gantt. First thing was to not plot any values that won't be shown

          [Profit Gantt]

          IF [Profit TC] > [Y axis atarts from]

          THEN [Profit TC]



          where [Profit TC] is just you %of Profit TC as a named formula


          Next we need to only draw the Gantt back to our selected Axis...

          [Gantt Size]

          IF [Profit TC] > [Y axis atarts from]

          THEN([Profit TC]- [Y axis atarts from])*-1



          and then we bring this all onto the chart and set the Axis to 'Not Include Zero'...and we have the controllable Axis.


          Hope that helps and makes sense