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    Joining two columns on Data Source

    Manuel Cervera



      I am trying to join a shape file and a excel file from Data Source and I might have two ways of do it but I have not been able as:


      • Both documents have the name of municipalities of Mexico (communities), but the shape file does not recognize accents and some symbols appear instead, and I can't join the municipalities with accents with the municipalities on the excel file. The weird thing is that if I open just the excel file the accents are recognized.
      • Both documents have the municipalities code, but in the excel file the state code and the municipality code are together in just one code (named "clave de municipio"). On the other hand, the shape file does not have the state code and municipality code together, and I have looked for a way to join them without success.


      Is there any way I can join these two data bases? Please find attached the excel file (Municipal sheet) and the shape file.


      I appreciate all your help. Best,