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    Average Calculation Across Columns

    Matt Youngberg

      Hey everyone,


      Preface: I've looked at similar questions to mine on this forum and I still haven't been able to solve my issue. Hopefully you can all help me.


      I have some simple binary data from fields that I've calculated. I'm looking to take kind of a weird average from multiple columns, like this:





      Obviously, an average can be calculated simply by a type of SUM/COUNT calculation as long as null values are disregarded. However, I don't want to calculate the value of every column individually, I want to calculate an average aggregately. I simply need to be able to take the reported number and drop it onto the Text mark on it's own sheet to be able to include it on a dashboard latter.


      So in this example, the calculation should come out to: .6875, or 11/16.


      How would I code a calculated field in this example to produce this number for me? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!