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    Previous 3 and 6 months Revenue




      I have separate parameters for "Current Year" and "Current Month" basis on which most of my revenue calculations are displayed on the dashboard. I have a received a request to add sum of revenue data for previous 3 and previous 6 months of revenue. I am not sure how to use my  "Current Year" and "Current Month" parameters to give me required results esp. when there is an year change.


      For eg. in my Dashboard if I choose "Current Year" and "Current Month" it displays revenue for that Month Year. Now i want to have a column next to it which displays revenue for Previous 3 months (excluding current month) using the same "Current Year" and "Current Month" parameters (screenshot attached)


      How can i do it using my current parameters?


      Please suggest







      PS: I do not want to create another parameters which combines month year (which I know works) as I want all the reports in my dashboard to be controlled by my two parameters, "Current Year" and "Current Month"