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    Business questions do not exist

    Nathan Masters

      Hi All


      Curious to know the approach people take when they are given a data set with no insight what they are trying to derive. The business questions don't exist, nor is any resource available to help. How do people tackle this if it has ever happened to you? Or how would you tackle it if it did happen? Essentially you are given a data set, no background to the data, never been exposed to it, and you are set free to develop anything to see if there is any insight that can be derived.




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          pavan kumar


          Below are some pointers.

          1)Go through the data multiple times and get some idea about the dataset.

          2)Interpret the data set into dimensions and measures.

          3) Think about any derived dimensions and measures that we can derive from the existing data set.

          4)Try to relate measures with dimensions and see which combination might produce good insights about the data set.

          5)Try visualizing the measure with the different dimensions and eventually build the Tableau dashboard with the different visualizations.




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