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    Slow Tableau Performance?

    betsy curbelo

      Hi I have  a redshift database with an insane quantity of data , we use a live connection and tableau_online the prob is that the load times are really high almost 5 mts...... Any sugestion pls?

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          kumar bharat

          Hi Betsy,

          When you have loads of data its not advisable to use live connection,You need to use tableau extracts and follow the best practices related to building extracts and tableau efficient workbooks.

          You need to configure extracts for delta records and historical data by using Database filters and extract filters.

          Please check for tableau help related to

          • extracts
          • hyper extracts
          • extract filters
          • best practices related to workbook
          • best practices related to extracts building
          • load order of tableau filters (to understand how the various kinds of filters are loaded)
          • enable record performance and check the performance of tableau workbook.

          It all depends on how efficiently u connect to extracts and design your tableau workbook by following the best practices.There is lot of online  help and content,videos related to this.

          Tableau has come up with hyper extracts in its latest release,please check

          hope it helps.



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            betsy curbelo

            Hi I already applied some tips, for some reports I make extracts, and build tables to reduce joins and calculated fields, my report has just a couple of sheets, that's not possible to do in all reports, sometimes We need the live connection and we can't create a new table per report that can make the database too big and the etl gonna be heavy

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              kumar bharat

              hi Betsy,

              If you have applied best practices and still facing issues i suggest please contact tableau support.



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