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    Google Sheets not updating to Tableau Server or taking too long




      Thanks for your suggestions.

      I developed a project using Google Form and Google Sheets (http://thedondata.blogspot.com/2016/09/data-entry-write-back-in-tableau-using_30.html) to allow data-entry. This is working great on Tableau desktop, I just need to refresh data source and data gets updated.

      I now want to put this workbook on our Tableau server. But, data is not refreshing live. We don’t see any updates.. Data is updating on Google Sheets but when we hit “refresh” on Tableau Server’s workbook, data is not updating... it will eventually get updated 30 minutes later..


      I then created  Hugh's Java script, but still data is not refreshing "live".


      Is it a problem with Google Sheets’ connection (Tableau server not connecting to Google Sheets)? Problem with Tableau Server’s caching system? Any comment or idea?