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    Month till yesterday

    David Núñez

      Hi. I have a calculated field which helps me display my MTD data. Is it possible to change it to see month till yesterday?


      IF DATEDIFF('year',[date],Today())= 0


      datename('month',[date]) == datename('month',today())



      THEN [sales] END


      Thanks in advance

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          Deepak Rai

          If Year(Order Date)=Year(Today())


          MONTH (Order date)=Month(Today)


          Day(Order date)<=Day(Today())-1





          This should also work

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi David - I'm a fan of using datetrunc()   -t returns an actual date - so to get MTD through yesterday is

                      if datetrunc('month',[Order Date]) = datetrunc('month',today()-1)   and datetrunc('day',[Order Date])<=datetrunc('day',today()-1)  then [Sales] end


            Datetrunc('month', today()) returns the first day of the month May 1,2018 likewise datetrunc('day',today()-1)   returns May 7,2018


            I just like working working with actual dates whe setting ranges




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