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    Tableau Server Limit Count of Database Connections

    Taras Chornyi

      Hi there,


      We use Tableau Server Version: 2018.1.0 (20181.18.0404.1605) 64-bit Windows. Recently, some of our clients faced the issue of not being able to use dashboards due to max client connections limit was reached on PostgreSQL side. Our defaults for PostgreSQL server is 100 connections per user.


      Adjusting PostgreSQL settings seemed to not be desired for now, so we suggested to limit number of physical connections (property vizqlserver.protocolcachesize) as that is recommended inside this page on Tableau Kbowledge Base portal, but it did not help. We also tried this recommendation for adjusting protocolcachesize config property, but it also did not work. We tried these setting either with restart of Tableau Server or without restart, but ended up with no success yet. The number of Tableau Server connections we could see for a single database on PostgreSQL side was constantly 10.

      Then we tried playing with several options from Tableau Server configuration, but neither of them had any effect on the number of connections we could observe on PostgreSQL side, it was constant value of 10:











      Could anyone point us on how do we trace rthis issue and what steps are missing in our attempt to address the connection limiting on Tableau Server side ?


      Thank in advance,

      Taras Chornyi