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    Combining multiple column into one bar

    Aaron Tan

      Hi, first off the actual case scenario that I'm facing is kind of complicated, however I am trying to simplify it in the simplest form I could.


      So basically I have 3 set of data from 3 different data source.


      Data 1. Breakdown of each team with the number of fruits they have won from the competition. (Multiple type of fruit)

      Data 2. A total number of fruit the organizer have (in total before given out), (given out+rotten) for each team. - The data is bad, I know. I need to subtract the number in order to get the fruit remaining that's not won. - (1) I'm stuck on this, not sure how to create the calculated field

      Data 3. A number of fruit that has rotten from the organizer inventory (that is not given out).



      And this is what I got:


      Chart 1

      Chart 2

      Nothing from my side (stuck) - Should have a chart that look like this:



      Chart 3


      After having all 3 charts, I need to combine them all by teams that should look like this. (2) stuck on this too.


      I am not sure if is this even possible from Tableau side without modifying the data/union them - I don't have the ability to do so.