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    How to calculate use group?

    Laura Zhang

      Hi Guys,


      I am very new to tableau, I am having some trouble about how to calculate the data that already been grouped.


      The data itself doesn't have time stamp. it use strings to indicate the time, such as 314 means 1/2017, 315 means 2/2017, etc.. in the calculate filed, I made 314,315,316 as PYTD, and 325,326,327 as YTD, it suppose to be 327,328,329 to be the YTD data but they are not in the database yet so I am just using the other 3 instead.


      after create the calculation1, the view I got it's as below, in R Manufacturer there is two type, "IUA" and "other", I hide the other column since I don't need it in the report, and use the column grand total to calculate the total number.  I am trying to calculate the percentage of the YTD change, both for IUA and total, so I am wonder is there any way to use calculate filed like "YTD" -"PYTD" / "YTD"?  and also try to calculate the percentage of IUA/Total?


      I tried a lot different way to do this but none of them seems worked, would be very appreciate if any one can help me with this problem.


      Sorry hope I make the question clear!





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